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PSA Submission

We are happy to air public service announcements (PSAs) on Channel 15, as time allows The purpose of a PSA is to inform NITCO viewers in your area of upcoming events and activities. As a free service, it is a very effective means of promotion. As you may imagine, this particular service is very popular. To make this process runs as smooth as possible and to ensure fairness, we have formulated the following policies and rules regarding public service announcements. Please read them carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 800-621-2344.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are short, "non-commercial" announcements prepared to provide information to the public. A non-commercial announcement contains information that benefits its intended audience, rather than the company that created it. For example, a PSA that provides health information differs from an ad that promotes the sale of a health product. Consequently, most PSAs are produced by nonprofit associations, but commercial, for-profit organizations may also use them to promote their nonprofit activities and events.

PSAs are used by organizations to:

  • Publicize community events.
  • Provide health and safety tips.
  • Assist in fund raising efforts.
  • Inform and influence public opinion.

PSA Messages

  • Must contain information that is beneficial to the community.
  • Should not include controversial or self-serving material.

PSA Submission Guidelines

  1. All announcements should be submitted via web site form @
  2. We prefer NOT to receive PSAs via fax, mail, hand delivered, ect. Since there are so many, they may overload our office.
  3. Please submit your PSA request so that it arrives at our office at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event date. This ensures that your announcement has the best chance of getting on the air.
  4.  Make sure you provide the following information:
    •  Who The name and telephone number of a contact person for the event,
    • What A brief description of the event or activity
    • Where Location of the event
    • When Date and time of the event
    • If the date or time of your event is changed are wrong, or it is postponed or canceled, PLEASE let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, we may continue to announce incorrect information, which is bad both for us and for your event.
    • Because this is a free service. Be aware that we are unable to determine in advance how often, or when, your PSA will air.
    • In the event of a genuine emergency, we are able to take information over the phone, or by fax. Such emergencies would include emergency blood drives, military special assistance campaigns, etc. Our number is 800-621-2344.
      To submit a public service announcement, please fill in the form below.
PSA Submission