Question: Is the NITCO Office closed?
Answer: Our offices are now open. Normal business hours of 8am-5pm are in affect. Please practice social distancing and we welcome you to wear a mask however it is not mandatory.

Question: Can I drop off my payment at the NITCO office? 
Answer: Yes, you may visit our Rensselaer office to make payments. You can also drop off your payment at our drop box in Hebron. Others options are available too! You can mail it or pay Online one time or recurring, over the phone, any DSB and 1st Source, Hebron Branch.

Question: What if I can’t pay my bill due to illness?
Answer: Contact our Customer Service Team to discuss payment options and plans. Call 219-996-2981 or email csr@nitco.com

Question: What if my service is out or I’m having problems with TV, internet or Voice line?
Answer: Contact our Help Desk at 219-996-7000 or helpdesk@nitco.com.

Question: Can I still sign up for service and will you come install it for me?
Answer: Yes! Our Installation and Repair team will come to your home or business. In advance of the visit we will need to know if there is anyone in the home that is ill. If so, we will need to reschedule the visit.

Question: Does NITCO have data caps?
Answer: NO. There are no data caps on your internet with NITCO.

Question: Can I get an increase in my bandwidth speed If I’m a current customer?
Answer: Many customers can increase their speed. Please call to see if you qualify! 219-996-2981

Question: What about updates on services from NITCO?
Answer: Check our Facebook page frequently and our NITCO website at nitco.com and nitcotv.com.