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NITCO WorkOne partnership

NITCO Proves a Reliable Partner for WorkOne’S Networking Needs

NITCO is the internet service provider of choice for many Northwest Indiana schools, businesses, and nonprofits around Northwest Indiana because of their affordable rates, high speeds, and dedicated customer service. One of those nonprofits is WorkOne Northwest Indiana, which relies on NITCO as their internet service provider (ISP) at two of their office buildings.

When they first got in touch with NITCO, WorkOne had been getting by with a national brand for years as it seemed like their only realistic option at the time for that particular building.

“We were paying a high price for the service we were getting, relative to modern times,” said Cole Devitt, WorkOne Systems Technician. “I had been looking to change providers for a very long time, but nobody else had service in the area, so I didn’t have any options.”

That changed when NITCO walked through their doors about three years ago.

“They just popped in, informed us they could provide service, and asked anyone interested to please reach out,” said Devitt. “I gave them a call, and we were able to get 10 times the speed for 10 percent of what we were paying the national brand – that’s a really good deal. We got the service installed, and I’ve been happy with them ever since!”

NITCO soon earned a contract for a second WorkOne office and consistently impresses Devitt with their ambition and continuous efforts to improve.

“They’re hungry, in a way,” he said. “They want to earn people’s businesses, and they do what they can to retain their business. It sounds simple, but not every company makes that effort. When you have a small business with a personal touch like NITCO, it’s so much easier in a lot of ways and I really appreciate that about them.”

Devitt praised NITCO’s fast, honest, and transparent communication – even when there is a service issue.

“Sometimes, stuff happens and you lose your connection, that’s just a fact of life,” he said. “But the few times NITCO’s gone out for us, they’ve always been upfront about what caused the problem, how long it’ll take to fix, and what they’ll be doing on their end to prevent problems like it from happening again. You’re never going to see that kind of communication anywhere else, never mind the big brands, even some small companies don’t do that.”

NITCO offers the personal touch of a small business, and the performance and prices to match anyone in the industry.

“I was thrilled to have their speeds,” said Devitt. “The office that got that initial upgrade hosts a lot of important services for us, and with our prior ISP, we had noticeable bottlenecks. It wasn’t severe, but you could tell things were slow. All that was solved when we upgraded to NITCO’s service.”

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1 NITCO logo

We Are Here to Help

NITCO is prepared to help all residential and business customers through this difficult time with their internet, voice and TV needs. Call 219-996-2981 for assistance.

NITCO reminds everyone that NITCO has no data caps on its internet product. You are free to download as needed with no upcharges. NITCO is also offering free conference bridge service for 90 days to those that may need conferencing capability from a residence or business. Please contact NITCO at 219-996-0230 to have the conference bridge assigned and a service order created.

NITCO Offices in Hebron and Rensselaer are not open to the public. To pay a bill or discuss new or current service please contact our Customer Service Team at 219-996-2981 or by email at Business Customers may contact NITCO at 219-996-0230 or In the event of service interruption please contact our Help Desk at 219-996-7000 or email

NWI - NITCO article

NITCO “Invisibly” Powers Economic Development in Municipalities

A powerful force is propelling economic development across the Region, and for the most part, it’s completely invisible.

It’s touching on nearly every aspect of what helps build strong communities: housing, small business, quality of life, commercial business, large industry, and municipalities, to name a few.

NITCO’s high-speed broadband Gigabit service in Northwest Indiana, made possible by building and expanding fiber optic and communication data networks, is paving the way for significant and healthy growth in both business-to-business and interpersonal communications.

NWI - NITCO article

“It’s all about reliability and customer service,” said Tom Carroll, Senior Vice President of Sales at NITCO. “The fiber optic product we are building is changing the communication landscape for the better in Northwest Indiana, and the relationships we have developed to keep the momentum going are just outstanding.”

Particularly as it relates to municipalities, NITCO now has operating agreements with the Town of Chesterton and the City of East Chicago to manage and operate their fiber optic networks, creating what Carroll said is the most reliable and efficient service available today.

“Our uptime is scary good,” he said. “The amount of downtime we might have is measured in mere minutes per year, so this is why municipalities, and now even developers who are building new subdivisions, want to work with NITCO to set their communities up for success.”

The fiber-optic networks in cities have improved communication among municipal services, too. Think high-speed service and access for the fire station, the pumping station at the water department, city hall, police department, and more.

Even more exciting – NITCO has figured out a way to save taxpayers money.

“The City of East Chicago owns its own fiber network. We partner with them to utilize any excess capacity so we can sell service to local businesses, schools and soon residents.” Carroll said. “But the more exciting part about this is that we’re also then expanding these networks for them, and giving them a revenue share to offset any tax dollars needed to own their own network. It’s just a win-win.”

Businesses who are looking to relocate to small and mid-sized cities are many times making fiber-optic networks one of their top requirements. Likewise, Carroll said, municipalities who have fiber networks have a better chance of retaining their longstanding, loyal businesses because they can now offer them access to superior communications options.

“It’s to the point now where I have developers coming to me before they even approach city and county planners because they want to be able to say they’ll offer their community residents fiber,” Carroll said. “We work with developers to plan for putting fiber in the ground at the same time they’re planning for water and sewer lines.”

NITCO is staying on the forefront of advocacy, legislation, and grant opportunities to continue to expand fiber networks across the Region, and into rural areas as well.

“The state realized that there is a huge need, and finally dedicated about $100 million in grants to build fiber networks in the most rural parts where the private sector cannot sustainably go alone,” he said. “It costs $50,000 a mile to build fiber infrastructure, so that’s $150,000 to build just three miles of network. In a rural area, that might reach one house. Even if you’re signing that one house up for internet and phone service, you can see how it would take a very long time to recover the cost of that capital investment. That’s where the grant money will come in.”

And NITCO intends to pursue grant opportunities at the state and federal level.

The Federal Communications Commission is about to launch a new program as well called the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which will put out $20.4 billion in two phases toward this effort.

“The internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity,” Carrol said. “Providing people with everything they need to succeed means that we succeeded as a company, and then individual families succeed, and then communities succeed, and so on. It’s a ripple effect.”

NITCO is a leader in high-speed broadband Gigabit service in Northwest Indiana. For over 20 years, NITCO has provided gigabit-capable fiber services to customers including Porter County Government, School corporations in Porter and Jasper County, and Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure. NITCO is currently designing and operating fiber networks for municipalities in northwest Indiana. With over 9,000 residential and 1,000 business customers NITCO is growing by making significant investments in infrastructure in Porter, Lake, Jasper, and Newton counties. For more information, visit

(This article was originally posted on the NWILife website.)

2019 Customer Appreciation Day

The 2019 Customer Appreciation Day was a great success. So many of you stopped by and took a turn in the photo. Find your pictures below.

Thanks for coming out and most importantly trusting NITCO with your phone, TV and internet service!

NITCO Rensselaer Customer Appreciation 2018

2018 Customer Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, NITCO Rensselaer hosted its inaugural Customer Appreciation Day for former, current and future customers. The event was a great success with over 300 people in attendance.

Lunch was provided for our guests as well as fun and entertainment. Attendees enjoyed free giveaways, temporary tattoos, dunking booth and more. Thanks to WLQI Q97.7 “Rensselaer Indiana’s Classic Rock” for enlivening the day with music.

“We are so proud of our community and our customers that we just had to celebrate! This now annual affair will only grow each year and we look forward to seeing our customers not only annually but at many events throughout the year. It’s great to be connected to your community!”

NITCO truly appreciates the Rensselaer community. We are proud to call this area our home. Thanks to all that came out and participated. See you next year!

New TV channels

New Channels Added to NITCO TV Packages

NITCO Rensselaer is excited to announce that we are adding four new channels to our TV packages! On May 1, 2018 Hallmark Drama (Channel 521), ID Discovery (Channel 413) and RFD-TV (Channel 415) will be available. As of June 2018, you will be able enjoy watching new programming on Velocity (Channel 414) as well.

Weatherscan channel will be available on the HD Premier Basic package. ID Discovery, RFD-TV and Velocity channels will be included in the HD Foundation Basic package. Hallmark Drama will be available on the HD Digital Plus package. For more on our channel line-up visit

New Channels

Hallmark Drama

Launched in October 2017, Hallmark Drama focuses on family-friendly dramatic storytelling. Programming consists of family friendly movies and TV series that are not aired on either of its sister channels, Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. TV series airing on Hallmark Drama include Touched by an Angel, Little House on the Prairie, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and 7th Heaven.

Velocity is a part of the Discovery Inc. network and focuses on automotive-oriented programming and other shows of interest to a primarily male audience. TV shows airing on Velocity include Chasing Classic Cars, FantomWorks and Wheeler Dealers.

Investigation Discovery, a Discovery Inc. TV network, features documentary-style programming that focus on true crime subjects. Most of ID’s programs are original productions like Homicide Hunter, See No Evil, On the Case with Paula Zahn and Disappeared, but it also airs re-titled off-network reruns, including ABC’s 20/20, CBS’ 48 Hours, and NBC’s Dateline.

RFD-TV is owned by Rural Media Group and features programming devoted to rural issues, concerns and interests. It is the nation’s first 24-hour television network featuring programming focused on the agribusiness, equine and the rural lifestyle, along with traditional country music and entertainment.

Mornings and the early part of daytime feature syndicated newsmagazines and a five-hour block of news, weather and agricultural commodity market prices. An additional newscast airs during the evening hours. The remainder of the daytime and evening schedule consists of horse-related magazines, coverage of rodeo and other Western sports, rural lifestyle programs, reruns of classic television programs with rural appeal, and music programs centered around country music, polka and Southern gospel.



If you have questions, or you would like to upgrade your package to enjoy these new channels contact us or call us at 219-866-7101.

NITCO online bill payment

Billing System Upgrade

NITCO is committed to providing excellent service to the residents of Rensselaer and Morocco. With that goal in mind, we will be upgrading our billing system beginning Friday, February 23, 2018. On Tuesday, March 27, 2018 invoices for April will be sent out from the new system. The new billing software will have multiple improvements and added features to provide you the best bill pay services possible.

Log Into New Bill Pay System >>

Credit Card Payments Offline

During the transition between systems, the Rensselaer office will NOT be able to accept credit card or debit card payments in person or online. The last day to pay via credit/debit card with the current system will be Thursday, February 22, 2018. Cash, check or money order are all acceptable forms of payment. Payments can be:

  • Mailed to or dropped off at 215 W. Kellner Blvd., Ste. 19, Rensselaer, IN 47978 or
  • Dropped off at any DeMotte State Bank location.

Billing System Changes

March invoices will be mailed later than usual due to transition between systems. Starting with the March invoice due dates will now be the 17th of the month.

When you receive the April 2018 invoice, you will be able to set up an E-bill account which will allow you to re-establish credit card or debit card payments. After March 27th, you may also call 219-866-7101 to pay via credit/debit card.

Please Note: If you pay through your personal online banking, you will need to update the account number associated with your NITCO bill.

Summary of billing changes taking effect in April:

  • Bill due on 17th of month
  • Your account number will change
  • Payments via mail go to P.O. Box 67, Hebron, IN 46341
  • All late fees will be 10%
  • Reconnect fees will be $25 per account

New Features & Improvements

Here are the features and improvements to look forward to with the new billing system:

  • Pay over the phone or online with credit/debit card with no service fee
  • Set up auto-pay, pay bill manually, show payment & invoice history, show long distance usage
  • See detailed information about your products and services
  • Receive email copy of your monthly statement
  • Receive bill estimate when you add new services

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition billing to a new and improved system. Updates and additional information will be posted here on the website. If you have questions, call us at 219-866-7101 or 800-621-2344.

Thank You and Welcome to NITCO TV!

Your NITCO TV Team!